Movement as Medicine


Movement can be very effective medicine in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems but like with any medicine too much can be harmful while too little has no effect. Thus, the main component in successful progress is the ability to quantify and control all variables in therapeutic exercises.


This is possible if the devices are correctly designed to provide smooth and easy-to-handle loading over the full range of movement. The movement and speed are accurately controlled by the responsive graphical feedback of the EVE Terminals which ensures that individually prescribed, safe range is followed.

The Problem: Challenges in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are rarely optimally delivered. Treatments are often designed randomly using methods that are either no longer recommended by medical guidelines or are carried out with sub-optimal devices. Treatment success is difficult to reproduce because it is highly dependent upon the individual therapist’s skills.

The Solution: Nordic Health Active Therapy

The Nordic Health Active Therapy Solution is a comprehensive platform which offers an answer for these new opportunities. It can be easily replicated with high quality results due to automated protocol planning, feedback based adaptive loading progression and pain monitoring throughout the program. Automation, bio-feedback controlled self-training and cloud-based quality control system increase treatment success rates.